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Our rehoming service is caring and compassionate, and we make every effort to find loving and responsible homes for Golden Retrievers which can no longer be kept by their owners. We understand what a difficult decision it can be to take this step. This is why we are non- judgmental with regard to any owner's reasons for re homing their dogs, only caring about what is best for each dog's welfare.

Dogs stay in their present home until we find, and check the suitability of, their new adoptive home. Golden's as old as 13 years and as young as 5 months have been successfully re-homed by us.

The service we offer is ongoing, and we will help with any problems that may arise from owning an adopted golden.
Anyone looking for a re-homed golden to share their lives should also discuss this with our re-homing co-ordinator who will advise on your suitability and the availability of a dog to suit you.

Please contact our Rehoming Co-ordinator

Mrs Jan Muncey on 01908 506030


There are times when we are asked to re-home a Golden Retriever and no suitable home is available immediately. In order to remove the Golden from its current situation, we may call on Fosterers' to look after the dog while a more suitable home is found. Fostering provides a safe and secure environment for the Golden Retriever to adjust and to be assessed.

If you feel you can offer a secure environment for a short period of time and would like to be assessed for fostering, please contact our Re-homing Coordinator:
Mrs Jan Muncey on 01908 506030



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